Anthony Chambers

Web & Database Developer, Lean Six Sigma Project Manager

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I'm a software developer based just outside of Nottingham, England. I've been working primarily with PHP and MySQL since 2004, and am currently leading development at Hurricane Works. Prior to this I worked for TFC International, The Activ Group and A1Comms (owners of, and Before that I worked for the Dixons Stores Group (PCWorld, Currys, Mastercare/The Tech Guys etc).

Although I've typically considered myself a web developer, focussing mainly on web technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and the underlying server architectures, the reality is that I actually work with various software that is not considered necessarily web. I especially enjoy working with Go, for example.

The intention has always been to keep this site up to date with the latest things that peak my interest, but the reality is that I rarely have the time to post anything. That said, I do appreciate all feedback, either via the contact form or using the comments at the bottom of every post. Maybe one day I'll make my contributions more frequent